This weekend has been quite good, I almost wish I had a bit more of it left. Yesterday I did chores and ran some errands. I checked the mail where, what was waiting for me but a coupon for a free block of Tillamook cheese! That’s right, I got an actual response from the email I sent them a month or so ago lamenting over the fact that I can’t find the extra sharp cheese here like I can in Washington. What a lovely surprise, and while I may not be able to always find extra sharp here, I can at least find sharp cheddar so when I need to get cheese next I’m taking this coupon with me. Getting that made me smile. In the evening I watched the new Jumanji #2 movie. Like the first, I enjoyed it and thought it was funny. I laughed a lot and while the moral of the story was pushed on me more than I thought necessary, by the end I forgave it. I hope they keep making these movies, mostly because I love the Rock and Karen Gillian, but also because I think whoever makes these is doing a decent job.

Today was also great and eventful. In the morning I went to the Clyfford Still museum, an art museum I had wanted to visit for years but never had the gumption to go. Well, today was the day. This is now one of my favorite museums in Colorado. There was so much art that I loved and that spoke to me, I just stood in front of pieces for minutes, unable to move because of how much I liked them. I tried leaving a room but couldn’t because my being was not ready to leave the beauty that I saw. Yeah, I really liked this place. I took pictures and tried to take more pictures but my camera didn’t capture the colors as I saw them with my eye and that was disappointing so for the most part I let my phone be. Most of Clyfford Still’s art is in this museum, so they can switch around the exhibits fairly often, which means I will definitely be going back! Hell, I’d go back even if they didn’t get any new art. This is my kind of style – large canvases with splashes of color. Right up my alley. I was thinking to myself as I stared up at this giant blue piece that one day I need to make something like it. One day.

I even made my own art in their maker space. I tell you, I absolutely love that this museum and the Denver Art Museum have spaces where people can create their own art. It’s brilliant and wonderful. My art didn’t turn out exactly how I envisioned it would so I plan on cutting it up and seeing if I can make something I like more. But even though I don’t love what I created, I enjoyed the process and that’s important in itself. I used pastels, something I haven’t used since I was a kid. I had a fantastic time.

In the afternoon I met up with two of my meetup friends for karaoke. Except, we didn’t end up singing. We can’t reserve rooms at this place we went and supposedly all the rooms were taken when we got there so instead we grabbed some snacks and sat around a table and visited. I was completely fine with that as it was a good way for us to bond a bit more and no one had to hear my singing voice (for the record, they’ve both heard it before and I would have sung loud and proud regardless).

I went grocery shopping after that and came home to start prep on future dinners and make my own dinner for the evening. Now to relax for the next couple of hours before a new, and busy, week begins.

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