Yesterday, Brittany and Kayla came over for dinner to help me de-stress about still not being divorced. Turns out the courts go slower than I’d like them to and I still don’t know what the judge’s decision is. It may be up to two more weeks before I’ll hear, but I’m truly hoping that’s not the case. I’ve struggled a bit with feeling frustrated and angry the past few days with not getting official word but I’ve had great support from family and friends and I’m in a better place now where I can be more patient and not worry. So I’m not divorced, it’s okay. I’ve survived and thrived this long, I can do so for longer. The dinner last night really helped with lifting my mood and I am feeling optimistic.

I tried on a fancy cocktail dress I had bought from ThredUp and got everyone’s opinions last night about how it looked because I wasn’t sure I liked it. Kayla, Brittany, and Elisabeth all said I looked lovely and it was great on me so I’ve decided to keep it. Gosh I love those ladies, they made me feel so beautiful. I bought this dress because I’ve gotten rid of all my fancy dresses over the years and I wanted to have one so I could feel gorgeous and dolled up every once in a while. I need to get it tailored before I go out in it though so need to add that to my to do list.

Kayla surprised me at the end of the evening with a journal for this new chapter in my life, and, as is only right, the journal has cacti on the cover! I started crying because of how loved and supported I felt. I was reminded, yet again, of how wonderful my life really is and how surrounded by love I am.

Now I’m about to head to my second art class and I’m looking forward to learning some art concepts. With friends and painting, I can’t help but be happy.

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