Today was my last infusion for my low platelets! /happy dance. I am so proud of myself and grateful to my family who sat with me at every session. One month has come and gone, wow. I felt so nervous about getting an IV, and now I’ve had it done four times and it’s no big deal. I felt scared about not knowing why my platelets were low but now I know that whether this treatment “fixes” my platelets or not, I can handle whatever comes my way. I have the mental capacity and the support to get through anything.

My nurse today surprised me with a mug filled with candy as a congratulations for completing my treatments. All the nurses had written “congrats” and “you did it” messages on the mug and it’s currently being baked in the oven so the writing won’t come off. It was such a wonderful and touching thing. I’m sure they do it for every patient but it didn’t mean any less to me. This was a scary thing for me to go through, I appreciate these nurses knowing that. I have to give kudos to the three nurses that treated me this past month, they were all great with putting in my IV and being calm and kind to me.

I left the doctor’s feeling positive and happy, so happy. And I’m still feeling happy and optimistic hours later. Let my weekend begin!

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