Yesterday started with watching Jojo Rabbit with Elisabeth. Taika Waititi wrote the screenplay and directed the movie so I had to watch it as I quite enjoy this man’s work. This movie was no exception. The only thing I knew going into the movie was that this little boy had Adolf Hitler as his imaginary friend, so I didn’t know what to expect or really what the movie was about at all. I think it was just fine that way so I won’t be saying anything else about what happens and encourage you to go watch it yourself. I felt refreshed to have a “war” movie that didn’t focus on soldiers but instead on a little boy. The movie was serious with humor sprinkled throughout as only Taika Waititi can do. I laughed a lot and cried at the end. And while I did enjoy the movie, I feel like there is another word at the edge of my grasp that would be more poignant and accurate. This movie reminded me of the horrors that happened and continue to happen in our world and so “enjoy” seems a little flippant. I appreciated it, perhaps. It’s left me with a somewhat weird feeling that I can’t quite pinpoint. I suppose I’ll leave it at that.

Later in the afternoon I went to my friend, Kiarra’s, apartment for a meetup where she cooked everyone Nigerian food (she’s Nigerian) and we hung out. Initially we were going to discuss a couple of Nigerian comics we had read but we seemed to focus more on the food and just visiting so only minimal discussion was had. Turns out I quite like the food that Kiarra made and I’m hoping to get a recipe from her so I can make it again. Once I confirm the names of the dishes she made I’ll share them here in case anyone else wants to give them a go. The food she made was spicy so if I made it I would tone down the spice but I still ate two helpings of everything so I managed. Elisabeth also made this really delicious juice drink – it was a combination of orange, cranberry, and apple juice, and I loved it. The drink helped me with the spice level which was great too. Thank you Elisabeth for making a drink that I could drink and enjoy!

After Kiarra’s, Brittany asked if I wanted to go to an art gallery and while my first reaction was “No”, because I’m a planner and not very spontaneous, after an hour I decided it was something I could do so why not. So we drove to a gallery near Casa Bonita where we wandered the rooms of local artists and ran into Brittany’s old coworker who has some art up in the gallery. Most of the art wasn’t my style but there were some beautiful landscape pieces I enjoyed and a couple of color block pieces I liked but didn’t love. Brittany is going again in two weeks for another coworker’s showing so I might join her, we’ll see.

So my Saturday was full of happiness and friends, couldn’t have been better, except maybe I should have taken more pictures. Next time!

One thought on “1-19-20

  1. I imagine the movie left you in a reflective mood. I’m sure there was much to contemplate. Sounds like you had a wonderful Saturday. Would love to try the dishes you had – but NOT spicy!

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