Yesterday I met up with Brittany again to watch a vegan cooking class and wander around Tagawa Gardens for a bit. The cooking class was actually just a chance to try some food and get some new recipes. The host didn’t show us how to cook anything because all her recipes were either for the instant pot or the crock pot, which isn’t necessarily bad, it’s just not what I wanted out of a cooking class. I didn’t love any of the food that I tried either so I left the recipes there but the main reason I went was to see Brittany so it was worth it.

We browsed the house plant section of the nursery and I saw many plants I would love to have but 1) Tagawa Gardens is the most expensive nursery in Denver so I won’t buy from them and 2) My January budget is already gone (trip to OK in May here I come!) so no plants this month for me. Next month though, who’s to say. When I got back home I made chocolate covered coconut balls, something I had meant to make around Christmas but never got around to. Turns out I didn’t get enough dipping chocolate so more than half of the balls are uncovered. Oh no, they’re naked! Thankfully Elisabeth went to the store on her day off today and got me some more chocolate so I will finish up the treats tonight.

Around 8:45pm last night our building’s fire alarm went off. At least this time it was while I was still awake so I’m happy to say that Elisabeth and I handled it even better than we did a month or so ago when it was at 11:30pm. I shoved Pippin into the cat carrier (I literally had to tip the carrier so he was falling into it but hey, he’s alive) and we sat in my car for a bit as the firemen came and confirmed what we had suspected, no problems. We aren’t going to risk it though, both Elisabeth and I take this stuff very seriously. Pippin hated it but he got through it and that’s all that matters to me.

After we came back into our apartment, Elisabeth and I put on some cheetah face masks because it was time to de-stress and stretch. It really helped because I thought we looked so cute and I had a great time taking pictures of ourselves.

Today was really busy at work, mostly because I was trying to do my best and process a higher number of providers than I have been in previous weeks. Happy to report that I did a couple more than I planned so yay there but it meant I was working the entire day, little time for chatting. Perhaps tomorrow. Now it’s do stuff around the house time because there’s always something to do! Happy Monday. 🙂

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