The court approved my divorce.

I am now officially divorced and single according to the law. Gene and I still need to meet to sign stuff over to one another, so I’m not completely done yet, but I’m extremely close. I found out Friday morning and had mixed feelings. I cried. I still have mixed feelings and I still cry, part of that healing process, you know? A lot of events and emotions led up to this and I feel sad for many reasons. I also feel weird that’s it’s almost really over. We’ve been separated for six months now and I’ve worked really hard to move forward, grow, and be happy. I thought this moment would be more significant to me than it was. And it was significant, don’t get me wrong, but the past six months where I struggled and my friends and family lifted me up and I became truly happy, that’s more significant. That means more to me than the court emailing me their approval.

Life is strange, complicated, and fascinating.

Friday was the first time in a month I also didn’t have to go to the doctor! That made me feel really excited. I’m trying to stay positive that my platelet problem is gone but not knowing is hard sometimes. I brought the board game Concept to work and two of my coworkers played with me during lunch. I had such a fun time, they really got the hang of the game, I’ll have to bring it back some time.

Yesterday I met up with Brittany at the Botanic Gardens because I needed to get outside and that is one of my happy places in Denver. We looked at the orchid showcase, the tropical conservatory, and wandered around the mostly dead grounds. There were still pansies thriving in the late January air, which made me smile, and I found some small snowdrop flowers peeping their heads above the leaf covered soil. While winter is not my favorite time to visit the gardens, it’s still a good time because being outdoors is good for the body. Still, I wouldn’t visit if I had to pay.

Today I took a walk at James Bible park and enjoyed the sun and fresh air yet again. I started planning a vacation to the ocean, made some raspberry jam (the kit that Kaitlin and Kevin got me REALLY came in handy, I didn’t actually burn myself this time!), and finished some odds and ends around the apartment. It may not have been an event-filled weekend, but it has been a decent one nonetheless.

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