Friday my initial intention was to write about my week. I had a really busy one and had no time to write so I wanted to share my happenings. But then The Good Place finale happened and my emotions dictated that I write a different kind of post instead, a more reflective one. #Noregrets.

I had three late nights in a row last week, which is a bit unusual for me. On Tuesday, I had my art class where we brought out paints and learned a little bit about color theory, mixing colors, and how to match colors. I learned that warm and cool colors really do make a difference when trying to get that bright green I want so back to the craft store I went to get more paints. At the end of the class, while cleaning up, one of my classmates told me she loved how positive I was and to keep it going. It was very touching and I tried to let her know that. I really do feel very positive these days, more than I ever have, and it’s nice to know that it seeps out into the world.

On Wednesday, I went to a free concert at the University of Denver. I had learned about it from my manager, whose son plays trombone in one of the groups. It was a last minute decision, which is abnormal for me, but it was a good decision. I figured that if I didn’t go, I would regret missing it, so better to go and come home late than to have a regret. The concert was lovely and the music filled my being as only live music can do. What was interesting was that some musical groups performed on the sides of the theater, where people normally sit. They wanted the experience to come at the audience from all sides, and I loved it. I have now bookmarked the events page so I can check out what’s happening at the college throughout the year and hopefully attend some more free performances.

On Thursday, I went to Kaitlin’s house for dinner and then, me, Kaitlin, and Kevin went to Aspen Grove Mall to set up her new shop! She has space in this really cool, fancy mixed market shop, where local and small business owners can sell their goods instead of having to rent an entire store. I love the idea and the space itself is beautiful and perfect for Kaitlin and her aesthetic. Kaitlin’s section turned out lovely and one day I’ll share some pictures.

Yesterday, Kaitlin came with me as Gene and I finalized our separation. It took 15 minutes. That’s all I want to share about it.

Kaitlin hung out with me for a bit afterward where we got lunch and she practiced sewing (she’d like to sew some stuff for her shop). It was good to have her with me. In the evening I met up with Brittany and Kayla for amazing dinner at Blue Sushi and then we watched Pirates of Penzance. It was my first time going to this sushi restaurant and I’m so glad we went there – I think they may have the best brussel sprouts I’ve ever had. The sushi was also delicious, like, really delicious. My favorite was the shiitake mushroom one and a close second was a bbq one. Yes, it even had a pickle. If anyone wants to go eat there with me, please know I’m down. It was a really wonderful way to end a day that I had been nervous about.

Today I met up with my friend Tiffany to give her encouragement during a tough time in her life and to eat some biscuits. I stopped at Washignton Park after that where I found a somewhat secluded spot (this was the busiest I have ever seen this park, everyone is trying to soak up the sun before it snows tomorrow) and I wrote in my journal, contemplated things, and watched the water sparkle. It was peaceful and good for me. I ran a couple of errands and then headed back home where I visited with Elisabeths D&D friends who had come over for the afternoon.

So yeah, I’ve been so busy and I haven’t had the time or the energy to write so that’s a bit sad to me because I like writing this blog. I think this week will be slightly slower so I should be able to fill the internet with more of my thoughts.

Happy February!

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