On Monday, my team and I spent four hours together learning about each other and our work preferences. I came out of it feeling closer to everyone and feeling really optimistic about where our team is heading. The cool thing is, our team is made up of every color preference per this work preference model our company uses. My color preference is green (have I talked about this before), and that means that in general I like being social, mostly one on one interactions, I like supporting others, and I appreciate words of affirmation. Yep, that’s pretty spot on. We all talked about our dos and don’ts in regards to interactions with us and we talked about our ideal work environment and what we need from one another. I loved it. Through this, I’ll be going out to lunch with one of my coworkers next week so we can get to know each other better!

At art class yesterday, we took out the paints again and learned how to create color values. That in itself was interesting as I learned that I’m much better at creating values on the white side of the spectrum versus the black. And then we learned how to start a painting and so I began a painting of one of my snake plants. You can see it in the picture above. I’m really pleased and this is just the beginning. As my teacher said, I could leave it just like that if I wanted, everyone would be able to tell it was a plant. That made me feel great. I’m so glad I decided to take this class, I wasn’t sure if the cost would be worth it but I tell you right now, it totally is.

This evening I made jam thumbprint cookies with my homemade raspberry jam! Because I didn’t seal the jam in the jars when I made it, I need to use it relatively quickly so I figured why not make some cookies. I had been wanting to make these around Christmas/in the winter and since it’s Elisabeth’s birthday tomorrow I thought today was the best time. It’s turning into a great week, but they usually do, don’t they?

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