Thursday, Elisabeth celebrated her birthday and so we ate dinner at Watercourse, a tasty vegan restaurant downtown. Brittany came with us per Elisabeth’s request and the three of us laughed and enjoyed ourselves the entire evening. We ordered cheesecake for dessert and I surprised Elisabeth with candles and a match that I had brought so she could make a wish. However, because I don’t use matches, I was only able to light two candles before my fingers started feeling the heat so I snuffed it out and then panicked that the staff was gonna see the lit candles so I made Elisabeth blow out the candles before lighting the other two. /shrug. It was pretty funny so it worked out.

Today I went to a gnocchi cooking class and learned how to make homemade gnocchi! Turns out it’s relatively simple, but time consuming. The cool thing is that you can prep gnocchi and freeze it so I could make a bunch one weekend and have meals ready to go. We made four different gnocchi dishes, my favorite being the one I made, but mostly because we sauteed it instead of boiling it. That’s definitely the way to go. I’ll have to make sweet potato gnocchi sometime too, the instructor was telling us that she thinks they are quite good, and I imagine she’s right. Elisabeth reminded me to take a leftover container with me because there’s always extra food so I brought some back for her to try (and probably me to snack on too). It was an enjoyable time.

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