My platelets are still normal! It’s been a month since my last infusion and my platelets appear to be holding steady, I’m thrilled. I will have to continue getting my blood tested but the time in between tests will increase, so I go back in three weeks and six weeks and go from there. My optimism about my blood panned out, I hope it continues to do so.

I worked on my snake plant painting more during my class on Tuesday. I’m really liking where it’s going and hope to get some painting in today to get it closer to where I want it. Or maybe I’ll start another painting, who knows! This class has been such a joy for me and it’s given me confidence to not worry about if I’m painting correctly or if my painting looks realistic or not. I’m expressing myself and I’m trying, and that’s all that really matters.

On Thursday I went to Kaitlin’s house and spent the evening eating and playing. Emmie gave me a homemade Valentine that she made with my mom as well as a colored snowman picture. I love both of them and have the Valentine hanging up on my balcony door right now. But what makes the snowman picture special is the bandaid at the bottom of it. As Kaitlin told me, Emmie was wearing this bandaid and asked her, “When I’m done with this I’d like to give this to Aunt Lauren because it has all the colors.” Oh my goodness, is this girl so incredibly sweet or what? She melts my heart almost constantly.

Kaitlin’s store has sold a decent amount of cookies in the two weeks it’s been open, I’m so proud of her. She even convinced the owner to let her have some of her goodies on the checkout counter so everyone is sure to see her items. I need to visit it again since I only saw it when we first set it up. Perhaps tomorrow.

Yesterday, some of my coworkers and I had a charcuterie party, where we all brought in different things, made a gorgeous display on Mario’s desk, and proceeded to eat throughout the rest of the day. It was lovely and everyone enjoyed it and those who didn’t participate asked if they could participate next time because it looked so great (it was so great). I love my department and my job, I am truly very privileged. In another month or two we’re planning on having a salad party, where we make fruit salad, pasta salad, chicken salad, etc. I’m sure that will be a blast as well.

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