My days are flying by and I feel like I have almost no time to write my blog anymore. It’s really great in one sense, because it means I’m living life so much that I don’t have time to document it. But I also want to document it so I may look back and see and remember all the wonderful things I’ve been experiencing. Not only that but writing helps me solidify my experiences into permanent memory and I just enjoy the writing in itself. Let’s see if I can find more time in my days to post more often. I can wish, right?

On Saturday I took my car in to the mechanic to get my back breaks replaced and when I finally came home I put together my new plant shelf! Oh my goodness it looks so much nicer than the white plastic shelf that had been there for way too long. Looking at the shelf now, I’m thinking I could use another plant or two so perhaps a visit to the nursery is in store this weekend. We shall see…

On Sunday I went to a comic book meetup at a coffee shop I had been wanting to revisit for some time so that was lovely. They moved locations and the new location is way better and prettier, I will be back. But my time there was even more lovely because I was surrounded by people I like being around, talking about my favorite comic ever – The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl. I’ve been telling so many people about this comic series, I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned it on here before, but I love it so much that I’ll mention it as often as I like. This is the comic series that I will own one day. Anyways, the meetup was loads of fun and gave me all the warm feelings and I ate a giant cinnamon roll to boot so what a fantastic afternoon that was.

Monday night Elisabeth and I went to Brittany’s for dinner where she made us sweet potato burritos, Spanish rice, and margaritas! That’s right, this young lady right here drank a margarita. Brittany was kind enough to make mine with half the alcohol as I’m very sensitive to the taste so I was able to drink it. Yet again I so enjoyed myself as only this happy 31 year old can (which is a lot and often). Brittany had just purchased two new plants that day so we got to gush about their beauty and discuss possible names for them over dinner. How lucky am I?!

Tuesday was my art class where I continued to perfect my snake plant painting. It’s looking better and better and I look forward to the day where I feel it is complete and I can frame it. I’m pretty sure I’ll get there in another session or two but even if I don’t, it’s okay, because painting it has been so freeing that I can keep going as long as I need. I started another painting Sunday night as well but haven’t touched it sense (when is there time??) so it’s only in the first stage.

Tonight is possibly my only free evening the entire week so Elisabeth and I made some palak tofu (it’s like saag paneer but with tofu) and sat on the couch and watched a fashion reality tv show. Now it’s time to squeeze in a bit of tasks before I stretch and go to bed. I’m loving my life but I do wish I could find one more hour and a bit more energy in this day. Oh well, I’m still satisfied. Goodnight, all! ❤

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