Yesterday Elisabeth and I went to Kaitlin’s for dinner and it was absolutely wonderful. My family fills me with such a feeling of love, it’s great. Emmie had to go to the doctor and so she brought back medical masks, one for herself, one for me, and one for Elisabeth. She asked us to put them on and so Elisabeth and I proceeded to put on child masks and take selfies with Emmie, cause why not. This little girl generally gets what she wants from me. Her vocabulary is spectacular and I am so excited to have conversations with her as she gets older. At the same time I absolutely love her as she is right now and don’t wish her to grow up any faster than she has to. As Emmie and Ollie were running around the living room and everyone was sitting in the den visiting, I looked around and felt such warmth and love that I started to cry. I was looking at pure love and happiness. I was looking at family.

Then, when Emmie didn’t want to go to bed, Kevin went to encourage her and somehow ended up with both kids on top of him as he crawled his way back to the couch. It was a feat of strength that only he could have done and it was awesome and the kids loved it. I grabbed Elisabeth’s phone, as it was the closest, and snapped a few pictures to capture the moment. That’s a great dad right there.Kaitlin and Kevin are such fantastic parents, I am so impressed every time I go over.

Today was a chill day at work where I learned a few new things and worked on other stuff. But what was really nice was chatting with the coworkers I like so much and goofing off a bit with my manager in the afternoon and going on a walk for lunch. Holy moly it was such a beautiful, warm, sunny day and it made me yearn for spring (and here we are going to get snow on Sunday). I appreciated the day we had and am going to relax the rest of this evening eating baked potatoes and watching a movie. May everyone have as lovely a Friday and week as I had!

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