On Saturday I went to the thrift store with Elisabeth at 8am (yeah) to look for my very own tea cup. Elisabeth is having a tea party in a couple of weeks in honor of her birthday and I wanted my very own tea cup to celebrate. We found this tiny little thing that’s perfect for me since I don’t really drink tea. I’m going to feel so prim and proper as I sip my tea! Later in the afternoon I went to Ikea to look for art (I need something above my plant shelf!) and ended up coming out with two fake giant monstera leaves. So while I didn’t like any of their art I now have leaves to frame the poster that I just bought tonight to go over the shelf.

After Ikea I went to Kevin’s for a few hours to help watch the kids since Kaitlin was out of town (how does Kaitlin do this every day?!). We played outside for quite a bit where Emmie “taught” me how to build a snowman and told me that the snowball I made for her doll was “smaller than a dot”. Kevin helped the kids go sledding down the small hill he had made and Emmie even had her doll, Jessie, sled a couple times too. At one point Kevin was awesome enough to check out my car’s dying light bulb, go to the store to buy a new one, and replace it! I am so grateful. I was also exhausted by the end of the day and left at 6:30pm as both children had been put to bed. I went to sleep at 9:30pm that night and slept quite soundly.

On Sunday I had some people over to play board games where I finally got to play Sparkle Kitty, the game my parents got me for Christmas. It was a blast and will definitely be played again. On Monday, Brittany came over for dinner where we had vegetable soup and started planning her birthday party! That’s right, I will be planning a party for Brittany as she didn’t really have parties growing up and we thought it was high time she had at least one. So far the two set things we have are: 1) don’t sing her happy birthday and 2) everyone has to wear black (it’s her thing). I’m so into this! We also dressed Pippin up in a bowtie and he was just adorable. He didn’t like it but he kept it on long enough for me to snap a couple of pictures.

Yesterday was my art class again where I think I finally finished my snake plant painting! I need to look at it again in natural light and decide but I’m pretty sure I’m going to call it done and try to find a frame for it. I’m really pleased and proud. Our teacher and some of the students in the class were talking about how we should continue to get together after this class and paint and hang out. Oh my gosh I got so excited and happy hearing that, I would love to do that and hope it comes to fruition.

This week is another busy week but a good one. More fun times ahead!

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