On Thursday I went to Kaitlin’s for dinner where Emmie gifted me with a colorful necklace AND a butterfly picture. She tried to give me a picture of Jessie too but I convinced her that we could keep it at her house. What love this little one has. We took some selfies together of us in our necklaces (because she had made one for herself too) and then I taught her how to take her own pictures with my phone. She did a really great job, actually, and took some decent pictures. She got a good one of Ollie and one of Kaitlin and Ollie reading together.

This time around I made dinner for my family so I had them try some fried tofu. Everyone did a great job eating it, even Ollie and Emmie tried it (though neither liked it). There were very few leftovers so I was happy there. My family didn’t eat or make tofu when I grew up so it’s a fairly new experience for all.

Yesterday my coworkers and I had a giant breakfast buffet because it was the first time in a while that the majority of us were all in the office. I ate way too much but had a blast eating and chatting with my team. I went on a walk with a coworker during lunch and soaked in that glorious sun and warm temperature. After work some of us met up at a Mexican restaurant for happy hour where I got myself a peach margarita and ate even more food. It was an overall happy day and I’m looking forward to another warm day today!

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