Yesterday morning Elisabeth and I ate breakfast at Snooze. It’s a popular breakfast chain here in Denver and while I’ve lived here for going on EIGHT years (gasp), I had yet to visit. Honestly, I had thought the love for the restaurant was all just hype and I had no interest in waiting for an hour plus just to eat some pancakes so I never really bothered. But this new version of me is up for trying that kind of thing it turns out and there’s a restaurant really close to Elisabeth’s new job at the library so I said let’s do it. I wanted to see Elisabeth’s work so I suggested we have breakfast and then she could show me around. Turns out the wait was less than 5 minutes (and we showed up around 8:45am) and the food was delicious so I’m very content with my decision to give it a try. I got their basic french toast and it’s definitely some of the best french toast I’ve had at a restaurant. It was cooked perfectly, the syrup was great (barely needed any) and it was plenty of food. I actually ate the entire thing. Elisabeth and I also split some tofu “egg” scramble and that was decent too. I will be going back to this restaurant. It did take quite a while for our food to come but I think that would be my only complaint. Our waitress was lovely, the vibe was great and they brought us this mini computer to pay our bill so we didn’t have to wait for staff to run our cards. I loved it.

Afterward Elisabeth put on her tour guide hat and took me around her library, including behind the scenes! That’s right, I got to go in their break room and the area where books are sorted. I saw Elisabeth’s locker where she keeps her things and the cool media room where there’s a green screen patrons can use. This library was quite large with high ceilings, lots of computers, and a 3D printer I’m going to have to find a use for. I checked out some cookbooks and a cross stitch book that I’ll use for my cross stitch meetup tomorrow.

I ran some other errands after that (including a stop at Nick’s Garden Center for some plant gifts) and then spent the rest of the afternoon puttering around the house. I’ve already added some recipes to our recipe database and I finally started watching the last presidential candidate debate so I can cast my vote before the due date. The evening ended with four fire trucks coming to the apartment complex to investigate what smelled like a fire (still no idea what happened) so that was a bit exciting. Now I have a quick run to the grocery store before my meetup at 10am!

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