Will my life ever slow down to where I can post more than once a week? I hope so because I don’t think I can keep up with the way my life has been for the past month. Thankfully, and sadly, my last art class is tonight so next week I’ll have my Tuesdays free again.

Last Sunday I hosted a cross stitch meetup where eight total lovely ladies came to my apartment and hung out for three hours to eat some brunch and cross stitch. It was pretty great but I didn’t snap any pictures. People liked it enough that I will be hosting a craft afternoon ideally once a month for this Meetup group. After the meetup I went to my manager’s son’s music ensemble concert, which was also great. Free music, free parking, and getting to listen to college students perform as they gain confidence and learn techniques they didn’t learn in high school is nice. It reminds me so much of Central and watching Elisabeth perform and going to other performances with her. I may have started tearing up at the performance as I thought back.

On Monday I went to the dentist and learned that I’m going to have to get my wisdom tooth removed. Gasp! It’s not what I wanted, previous dentists have told me I need to get it removed and I’ve ignored them, but at this point I know that it’s needed. I actually trust this dentist and this dentist office so I said okay and my extraction is scheduled for sometime in April. I’m going to be put “under” because I do feel scared about it so the dentist recommended I go straight to the big meds and skip the general numbing shot. I think she has a good idea there!

Tuesday was my painting class and Wednesday I took Pippin to the vet (he’s doing great but will also have to have teeth extracted as soon as I can figure that all out) and then video chatted with Katie because it had been way too long! On Thursday, Elisabeth and I went to Kaitlin’s for dinner where I got to love on my niblings some more and hang out with my family which I always love doing. Emmie asked me if I had worn the necklace she made for me and I happily said “yes”! I think I’ll wear it again tomorrow and take a picture to show her.

On Friday I had dinner with some coworkers and hung out with them for a couple of hours. I never spent this much time with any of my previous coworkers and it’s sad because some of them are pretty awesome but also great because my current coworkers are also awesome!

Saturday and Sunday was all about Elisabeth’s birthday tea party. Saturday I prepped for it and Sunday was more prep and then show time. Needless to say with that and the time change, I was exhausted by the end of it and am still in need of some recharging.

The party itself was absolutely lovely and a lot of thanks go out to my mom and Kaitlin for donating supplies and providing ideas. AND, Kaitlin even made these adorable tea bag cookies specially for Elisabeth. She had never made them before but when Elisabeth asked, Kaitlin said “yes” and went at it. They were the perfect touch to the party and I even heard one guest say, “What detail!” when she saw the cookie. It also tasted really good (I think I prefer Kaitlin’s cookies with less icing so this was perfect for me). Kaitlin even made the little tags to go on the cookie and she made two menus for Elisabeth to showcase. Everyone loved all the details and the food that the last person left an hour and a half after the party was supposed to end. One woman even said that the scones I made were the best scones she’s ever had, what a compliment.

Yesterday was a mostly relaxing evening for me although I did work on my taxes. But, I also read for 45 minutes straight which is unheard of for me so that was fantastic. Now I’m about to head out to my last painting class! I have plans the rest of the week as well so might not be blogging until Saturday. What can I say, except life be crazy sometimes!

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