Life has been a bit strange recently with the corona virus spreading across Denver, and the world. My work has now entered Level 2, which means we work from home for the next three weeks. I’ll be going in to the office on Thursday per my manager’s request for a meeting but that’s it. I might still go in once a week for the other two weeks because I’m a bit nervous that I’m going to go stir crazy. But I’ll take it a day at a time for now.

Denver has been responding well to the virus but I still wonder if we should have responded a week or two earlier. Can’t go back in time now, though. Elisabeth’s job is closed for the next two weeks. We’re living through a very odd time, it’s kind of surreal.

I had my first real massage yesterday after work. Oh my, it was lovely and I’ll definitely be getting more in the future. It just felt so nice and relaxing and I felt a kind of high when I got done. My body was light and loose and felt great. It was a fantastic way to end the week because with the virus all around and me not getting much of a break in the evenings for the past three weeks, I’ve been tired and a bit stressed.

Now I have no plans because everything’s being cancelled and I’m both glad for that to give myself a rest but nervous because what am I going to do at home for three weeks straight?! I’ve already asked my coworkers to send me pictures of themselves and chat with me so I don’t feel as alone. And my meetup friends are starting a virtual chat too so we can still “hang out”.

Elisabeth and I went grocery shopping at 6:30am this morning to avoid people and try to get our items before they ran out. Too late, there were no potatoes, bananas, or cucumbers. So I’ll be going to a different store tomorrow morning in hopes that they are more stocked, but I kind of doubt it. Weird times I tell you, weird times.

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