3-15-20 -Day 2 of Self-Isolation

Yesterday I took my time with things, and that was nice. Yesterday, I read, cross stitched, wrote, painted (see wip on right), and went on a walk. It has been a long time since I’ve been able to do all of those things in one day. I did panic a little yesterday too, however, as the next three weeks of self-isolation loomed ahead of me. But last night I decided to see these next few weeks as a challenge to overcome rather than an impending doom and I felt much better and more calm. This new viewpoint will make the time more manageable for me because I know I can handle challenges and handle them well.

This morning I went to two more grocery stores to find the remaining items on our shopping list and for the most part I was successful, two or three items I couldn’t find but replacements were had so I’m content and will avoid going to stores for as long as possible. The stores are so weird right now, lines are forming at the check out within 30 minutes of a store opening. So many products are gone.

I made cinnamon rolls after all the shopping and am so incredibly pleased with how they turned out.

Quick side bar: for those that don’t know, I have been vegetarian since the end of January and have been trying to be vegan as much as possible since that time as well. Two of my closest friends are vegan and vegetarian and one day I asked my vegetarian friend about it. She mentioned the book, Eating Animals, and I decided I needed to read it too. I checked it out from the library and by the end of the book had stopped eating meat and try my best to be vegan. I do on occasion still eat cheese because turns out that’s a hard one for me to give up and I’m more lenient when I go out to eat but I’m trying to be better. Plus, how can I not eat Kaitlin’s cookies? I’m only human and doing what I can.

So back to the cinnamon rolls. These were the first vegan ones I had made so I was thrilled that the end product tasted delicious. I added chopped pecans to mine because I knew they’d be a good addition and it made them taste almost like sticky buns. I will totally make these again. And as a final side bar, I do encourage everyone to either read the book I read, or do some kind of research into the meat and dairy industry, it’s truly depressing and I feel it’s important we know what goes into those giant industries we eat from every day.

So far the rest of my day has been comprised of a bit more writing and cross stitching. Elisabeth and I went on a walk where we saw some lovely crocuses poking their heads above the ground and we laid out on the grass for a while soaking in the sun and the open sky. I told her that being outside is going to keep me sane during this isolation time. Now I’m working on a schedule for myself in hopes to keep me more sane in the evenings. We’re trying to have fun with this so if you have ideas send them my way. Thus far we’re thinking continuing to learn how to draw, learn some songs, play Mario Kart, etc. Hope everyone else is in self-isolation too and that it’s going well.

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