3-16-20 Day 3 of Self-Isolation

I’m learning that the evenings are the hardest for me, this is when I start to panic a little, where I start to feel claustrophobic. I might need to take up meditation again. People are saying this is going to last two to three months. How have the people in Italy and China been doing this? Three days is enough for me. I’m trying not to look down the dark tunnel but rather take it a moment at a time. I also think I’m going to get myself a small group of people that I feel safe hanging out with and then hang out with them because I’m learning I’m a very social person.

With that said, overall today was good. I decided I’m going to try to take a picture of myself every day and what I’m wearing to see if I end up wearing sweat pants as time goes on. For now I’m trying to do everything as I normally do, including what I wear, in order to help me feel put together. Maybe I can find some cool new combinations of clothing throughout this too, experiment a little.

I went outside multiple times today and even worked outside on the balcony in the afternoon. Being outside helps. I chatted with my coworkers via instant messenger and even started a “journal entry” document that I shared with my work team so we could be a bit creative and have fun during these lonely times. My entry included a picture of the girl from Exorcism as my “selfie”.

After work, Elisabeth and I walked to Microcenter to try to find a connector for me so I can use both of my monitors, no luck so I’m going to try to see if I can hold off until Thursday when I plan on being in the office and see if we have something there I can use.

We made ourselves vegan pigs in a blanket with vegan hot dogs and crescent rolls. With mustard they were good. Going vegan/vegetarian has allowed me and Elisabeth to try new recipes we perhaps never would have tried before, it’s pretty fun. Let’s see what else I can get up to this evening.

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