3-17-20 Day 4

Initially, the plan for St. Patrick’s Day was for me to dress in green and give out gold coins to my coworkers for fun. Since that wasn’t able to happen today I decided I should still dress up and proceeded to wear green from head to toe (minus the slippers). Still gotta live my life, right?

Elisabeth helped take some pictures of me and I chose one to send to my coworkers via email so they knew I was living it up. Everyone enjoyed it and it helped me feel more connected to my team.

Today was better than yesterday. Maybe it’s because Elisabeth helped me set up my work station at the dining table instead of my desk. Sitting over there gave me the separation I needed perhaps from my “outside work” life. Maybe it’s because I’m getting used to this isolation thing, although I’m not exactly sure that’s it. We took a walk again at lunch and it was colder than yesterday but it was still warm enough.

Brittany ended up coming over this evening for some friend support. Because she hasn’t really seen people we felt it was okay if she came over. She’s going to be one of the people I continue to hang out with to keep my sanity. I was planning on going to work on Thursday but that got cancelled today so I was a bit bummed. I’m starting to think I’m more of an extrovert than I thought.

So I made it through the day without any panic moments and I’m feeling optimistic. That feeling may not last but I’ll take while I can!

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