3-19-20 Day 6

Because we knew it was going to snow today, Elisabeth and I had a picnic dinner last night to get outside one last time. Sadly, it was cloudy and somewhat windy so it wasn’t an ideal evening out but we made it work because gosh darn it, we’re already in the apartment for so much of our time. We laid out our picnic blanket by the creek and ate our garbanzo bean salad sandwiches and grapes as we watched even more clouds roll in. I wore a coat and scarf so I was actually pretty warm and content but I do look forward to the days when coats are no longer necessary. It’s spring in Colorado, what I can say, this is normal. We took a quick jaunt around the park after that before heading back.

Later in the evening I got to video chat with Lydia – definitely the highlight of my day. I not only got to see and hear her but we played two games of Codename Duet too. Props to Lydia for setting it all up and holding the game in a way where I could see all the cards. I’m going to go through my games and see if there’s any we could play virtually as well because that was so much fun. Lydia and I had been in touch via text but I hadn’t seen her face since she visited back in the early fall so this was sorely needed for me. Who knows when I’ll get to see her in person again because of Covid so Google hangouts will be our go to for a while. It was so nice seeing her. Thank goodness for technology, it’s really going to keep me afloat over the next two to three months.

I spoke with my parents over the phone today as I haven’t seen them in a couple of weeks and I’m still playing it by ear if I’ll go see them in the near future. I’m really trying to take this situation seriously and that means possibly restricting who I see, including family. Right now I’m just taking it day by day. Elisabeth sent me this video of a Coloradan man living in China who has been quarantined for 50 days. It’s his advice on how to handle living in isolation and I really liked it, it was encouraging.

So I leave you all with this video of cartoon eggs singing, perhaps you’ve seen it before, perhaps not, but we can all use a smile and a laugh and this is mine for tonight.

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