3-23-20 – Day 10

Denver Mayor Hancock has ordered the city “shelter in place”, which means basically what Elisabeth and I have been doing but now we definitely won’t see Brittany until this is over and we won’t be visiting my family until this is over. I felt a little overwhelmed at first but quickly shifted to an optimistic view. Doing this officially means we’ll get through this sooner and I hope that more cities follow behind Denver. Social isolation paired with finding ways to produce the necessary medical equipment we need will mean we get through this quicker.

So with that said, let’s focus on me! Yesterday I finally took the time to shorten my belt. I was so pleased when I purchased this belt in the long ago because it came with a hole punch to allow me to shorten it as needed and how cool is that. It was also skinny and not bedazzled, both things I wanted. However, I got a bit lazy and kind of forgot that the belt was longer than I wanted and months whizzed by without any action. But with this corona virus, I had the time to think about things I wanted to get done and shortening of my belt made it on the list. What I think should have taken me 5 minutes, took me 40. Turns out hammering a belt punch through a belt is actually really hard, and while I’ve been gaining muscle these past two months, I clearly haven’t gained enough to hammer a metal bit through a belt. I kept trying, though, because I was determined. As Kesha says, “I’m a mother f***ing woman”, and I knew I could do it (I really like this song and encourage everyone to listen, but please know there is lots of cursing – I think it’s 100% valid though!). I wasn’t going to let time and minimal progress deter me. It wasn’t until 35 minutes had passed that I realized I have a power drill. What the heck have I been doing this whole time?! So I grabbed the drill and immediately drilled through the belt. Yay. I felt like a badass, as one should. I wore my belt today and felt great.

This weekend I also put up the poster I had purchased to go above my plant shelf. I had been waiting to get a frame for it but that might not happen in the near future and so some poster tack will have to do because who says we can’t enjoy this gorgeous art until it’s in a frame? I’m so glad I put it up, it makes the space so much more lovely. I got this specific piece of art because I like to think that girl and her dog is actually me and Pippin, strolling through a botanic garden. So that’s my story and I’m sticking with it.

Today was a busy day at work but I made time to go on a walk at lunch and that was great. Walking in the neighborhood I think is going to be mine and Elisabeth’s go to from now on.

For tonight’s happy moment, I share this family portrait taken during the Spanish flu. Look at the cat! Look at it!

One thought on “3-23-20 – Day 10

  1. This blog made me laugh a couple of times. I love your sense of humor and your tenacity and your “can do” attitude. You’re my girl!

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