3-24-20 Day 11

Oh what a glorious day it has been. Went on a walk at lunch, per ushe, and soaked in that radiant sun I adore so much. Being outside, especially when it’s warm and sunny, lifts my mood so significantly. I would almost say I could live forever in isolation as long as I could walk outside, but that’s just too extreme and false. I really couldn’t live like this forever.

It was so warm today that I even worked outside for a little bit. Pippin joined me and then Elisabeth followed suit for a little bit and I felt at peace. I’ll take as many of those moments as I can!

After work I went back outside and chatted with my friend, Edward, on the phone for a while. Kaitlin and I were going to visit him and his family in May (we used to live next door to one another when we were kids) but that trip will soon be cancelled as none of us think Covid is going to be over by then. We’ll just have to reschedule to some other time. If anything, Covid is leading me to speak with my friends and family more often and to seek out the positive in the situation. It’s almost like when I separated from Gene, except I’m in a much better mental health state currently so this is not nearly as life wrenching as the divorce was. Yay progress.

Now that Denver is ordered to shelter in place, many stores and businesses are having to close. This includes local store, Mile High Comics, which sounds sad (and is), but is also great because they can still ship stuff and are having a sale on lots of comics. I’ve been thinking about buying The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl series for a while now so I decided to start my collection today. I purchased a few of the volumes, including my two favorite ones, so not only will I have Squirrel Girl comics to read, I’m also supporting a local business. That made me feel good and excited.

For today’s happy moment, I present two items. First, the new Star Trek show about Picard is free until April 23rd, hell yes! Guess who’s going to be taking advantage of that?! This young lady right here. Thank you, Patrick Stewart!

And second, and perhaps the best thing ever, below is a video that Kevin made and I love it so much I had to share it with everyone (with his permission). It made me smile, laugh, and feel happy and I hope it does the same for you. Thank you, Kevin!

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