3-28-20 Day 15

Yesterday was a good day. Kaitlin got the medicine she needed Thursday afternoon and was able to sleep for most of the night. I’m hoping she’s over the worst of it now. Just knowing the medicine is helping her makes me feel a lot better. She couldn’t even talk to me on the phone on Thursday because talking makes her breathing worse. How insane is that? So maybe in a day or two we can do a video chat.

I got out of work early yesterday because I had a doctor’s appointment to check on my platelets again. Because I got done early I actually went to work before the doctor’s and picked up my monitors and keyboard so I can have my full set up at home. I think that’s going to make working here even better, I won’t have to move my personal keyboard back and forth every day. I can have two monitors with my personal computer now. It will make things feel slightly more normal. No one was in my building when I got there, and I got there at 3pm. I mean, no one should have been there. but it was still weird.

I am extremely happy to report that my platelets are still normal. It’s been 2 and a half months since my last treatment, I think this means I’m pretty stable. I’ll have to go back in 6 weeks but if my numbers are still good then, I get to wait a whole 3 months before getting tested. Thank you modern medicine and doctors for taking care of me, I am so grateful.

Last night, Elisabeth and I got Meta Burger for dinner. I think perhaps us ordering food once a week is going to be a thing until our isolation is over. It’s our way of supporting our fellow Coloradans. Haven’t had Meta Burger in a couple years I don’t think so it was high time, especially now that I’m trying to be vegan and their a 100% vegan restaurant. Their hamburger was just as good as a remember, which means it was really good. Other than the Beyond burger, I think this is the best vegan hamburger I’ve had. I’m not a fan of black bean burgers, for the record, if I’m going to have a fake hamburger, I want it to try to taste relatively close to an actual hamburger and black bean burgers just aren’t that thing. Meta Burger does it and it was so delicious. Elisabeth also made me an alcoholic drink as the plan was for me to get drunk for the first time in my life so I could know what it felt like.

Turns out I still don’t like the taste of alcohol and so I didn’t end up getting drunk. I’m okay with that. I don’t need to try to be someone I’m not and I’m not someone who drinks or gets drunk. I see myself trying a drink every so often but that’s it. While sipping on my drink, we watched Mazes and Monsters, an 80s movie about the dangers of Dungeons and Dragons. Young Tom Hanks was in it and honestly, it is not a good movie. So afterward we watched The Gamers and The Gamers: Dorkness Rising, independently made short movies we had watched in college. Aka classics. It was a lovely way to end the week.

This morning I finished reading a book and I made some vegan French toast that turned out wonderfully, especially since I used this Texas Toast bread I had found at the grocery store that I absolutely love. I made the French toast based off of this reddit post. I added vanilla and cinnamon to mine, which I think were good additions. Here is my version of the recipe, keep in mind the milk amount is a guess because I added more milk to make the mixture more liquidy. I’d perhaps reduce the flour by 5 grams too next time. Either way it was still great and having successes like this, the cinnamon rolls, and the scones, makes me feel better about being vegan, because I feel like I’m not missing out on as much.

I would like to go slower this weekend so I’m not adding too much to my to do list. I’m going to do what I want, when I want, and take the time to breathe and just be. I hope you all can do the same.

For today’s happy moment, I’d like to share a music video from Taylor Swift. I’ve really enjoyed the song and I like the video too. And here’s a Buzzfeed article with funny covid-related tweets.

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