3-29-20 Day 16

Yesterday I baked 90% vegan chocolate chip cookies. They were only 90% vegan because I used milk chocolate chips. I tried to find vegan chocolate chips at multiple grocery stores when Elisabeth and I went last, but they were all sold out and so I made the decision that I would be okay with eating a bit of milk. As you all know, me and vegan baking can be hit or miss. French toast – great. First batch of tea cookies? Not as much. I went into the making of my cookies with the attitude that I’m testing out this recipe and if it doesn’t work out, no biggie. It kinda sorta worked out.

I used this recipe (again, found on reddit, thank you /r/veganrecipes). The first batch of cookies I burned and they spread out more than I anticipated so for the second batch I turned down the oven and made bigger balls of cookie dough. I also cooked them for less. It was my most successful batch. The last batch I cooked for longer and they were a bit overcooked. The cookies do not taste like Kaitlin’s chocolate chip cookies but they are okay. It just means more testing and baking is in order.

Today I cross stitched some more and made homemade gnocchi. While the gnocchi didn’t form into a dough ball like it was supposed to (I think because I didn’t use a real egg), Elisabeth and I were still able to make our own little gnocchi squares and they fried up so nicely that we will make them again. They were better than the ones I made in the class back in February. I added garlic powder and salt to the gnocchi squares and to the frying pan we added more salt, garlic, rosemary, and onion powder. Now we just have to find the right dip or sauce to go with them and bam, we have a meal.

I also got to video chat with Katie today! It was energizing seeing her face and getting to talk for a bit. So we may not have a lot of new things to say to one another these days, but it’s still important to connect with friends, even if it’s a shorter chat than normal. Elisabeth and I went on a walk after that and then I planted three of my polka dot plant cuttings I’m trying to propagate. They wilted very shortly after I planted them so I’m slightly worried they aren’t going to make it but I’m going to give them more time to get used to their new, soil filled, homes. Plants can surprise you sometimes with how hardy they are. I was talking with Lydia about propagating my African violet plant so I think I’ll try that in the near future. Now is the time for experimentation!

After taking care of all of my plants, Elisabeth and I video chatted with Brittany for a bit and that was great too. She showed us the new clock she bought and actually hung on the wall. It’s the first thing this woman has put up on her wall and I’m so proud! It’s the little things, right.

Turns out when I focus on the little things I have a lot to talk about. Being in isolation isn’t as horrible as I first thought. Although I do greatly miss Kaitlin, Emmie, Ollie, and Kevin and wish I could see them in person so badly. Please, let’s all do our part to stay isolated so we can get over this faster. I want to see my family!

For tonight’s happy moment, I present a corkscrew riding a roller coaster. Oh how I love the creativity of people, we’re pretty awesome.

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