3-30-20 Day 17

Most of the day has been quite lovely. I wore one of my favorite skirts and got a decent amount of work done. You know, I take pictures of each work outfit I wear during the work week and post them up here but what I don’t tell you is that generally, within minutes of me taking my pictures, I put on a jacket or a scarf because I’m cold. I wish I didn’t do that because I feel kind of frumpy, but I also refuse to turn up the heat if I don’t have to because it’s almost April and I’m willing the world to be warmer.

Elisabeth and I went on our daily lunchtime walk and at one point passed by a house that had written happy and encouraging messages in chalk on their driveway. I smiled, laughed, and instantly felt joy. Thank you kind stranger for writing those words, it means quite a bit to me. I’m wondering now what I can do to spread that joy that enveloped me. I’m thinking a giant sign on our balcony window? I’m not sure how many people would see it, or if I actually have the materials to do such a thing so I’ll keep pondering, maybe instead I’ll post a handwritten sign by the mailboxes. I know plenty of people will see it there….now I’m thinking!

Yesterday I also received a note that meant a lot to me. My department head wrote a value’s card for me and mailed it. She told me I was doing an excellent job spreading positive and good vibes to my coworkers. It totally made my day, I even teared up. I think it’s so important to tell people how much you care about them and to encourage them during this time.

Immediately after work I went outside and painted. It was sunny and relatively warm so I knew I had to get myself out there for a bit. I started a new painting, this time of one of my new polka dot plants that I just planted yesterday. I am happy to report that the three plants I put in soil yesterday have perked up so they’ve at least made it a full day.

I enjoy painting. I highly recommend it for everyone. I still struggle with feeling like I’m not good enough but for the most part I tell myself, “It’s not about being good. It’s about painting and trying new things. You can always paint over what you don’t like.” And those sentences are true, for me and for anyone who gives it a go. I bought myself a smaller sketchbook so I wouldn’t feel like I had to paint huge masterpieces. I’m excited. And nervous.

After painting, I learned that my mom got into a car accident. Her car is totaled and she is currently at the hospital being checked out. She was rear ended. From what I know at this point, her main concern is her back. This is not news I was expecting to hear this evening or wanted to hear. I feel so sad for her because she’s been in multiple accidents in the past 12 months and dealt with back issues and physical therapy and it’s just so stressful and scary. I know she’ll get through this because she’s a strong woman, but it still sucks. Now that Kaitlin is finally feeling better from her covid bout, this happens. Life comes out you all at once sometimes, that’s for sure. But I spoke with my mom on the phone while she was on her way to the hospital so that makes me feel slightly better. As my friend, Fiona, told me “this too shall pass” is a motto she says and so I say it now. This too shall pass.

For today’s happy moment I share these pictures of an adorable kitten who is pure goofball.

One thought on “3-30-20 Day 17

  1. Your empathetic heart and compassionate words were such a comfort to me. I love the person you are – my sweet Laurabelly.

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