3-31-20 Day 18

Oh my goodness, what a lovely and warm day it was today, and kind of still is. I’m looking out the window right now, enjoying the nice light blue of the sky and the highlighted clouds as the sun shines down. Yesterday evening I looked outside and was hit with the feeling of being a child in Oklahoma, walking with my family and our dog after dinner. It was such an odd feeling, I haven’t thought about those walks in a long time.

The weather was so nice this evening that Elisabeth and I had dinner outside and then sat out there for a bit just chilling. There wasn’t anywhere I needed to be or anything I needed to get done and so I sat. I was in a t-shirt and I was barefoot and I felt good. This slowing down of life is probably going to be really good for me, I was telling Elisabeth that perhaps this phase of my life will finally be the time where I learn to be zen with myself and the world. Perhaps this is the time I learn to go slow.

Today’s happy moments include Jack Black dancing, a seal banana, and a picture of Pippin from dinner because this cat of mine is so photogenic and beautiful. I feel such love for him and am so glad he’s in my life (even if he is cray cray many days of the week).

Well, the sky has changed by the time I’ve gotten to this point of the post, it’s dusk now, the clouds are darker, the sun is nearing its journey’s end for the day. Good night everyone, may you have as calming an evening as you can. ❤

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