4-1-20 Day 19

Not much to say today but I’m still determined to post my outfit of the day as often as I can so here I am. I didn’t go on a lunchtime walk today, instead I stayed in to make guacamole and I finished watching Howls Moving Castle, one of my favorite movies. I enjoyed it just as much as I remembered, which made me feel good. It’s nice when things I enjoyed in the past continue to provide the same enjoyment in the present, that doesn’t always happen, you know?

My company had an all staff meeting this afternoon where our CEO and Vice Presidents discussed the current state of our company and the world. It was really beneficial to hear my leaders acknowledge the state of things right now, to not sugar coat it, and to discuss what we’re doing and where we’re going. I felt sad, and cried a little because of how depressing our world is right now, but I also felt happy and proud to be part of my company.

We’re going to get through this as a people, one way or another, and I want to get through this with a positive mindset. Today I wore the necklace that my mother gave me when I first separated from Gene. I put the pendant on that says “Just breathe” as a reminder to take it slow and appreciate what I have.

This evening I video chatted with my meetup friends and I ate dinner outside and it was good. Tonight’s happy moment is a video message from someone’s dear grandmother.

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