4-2-20 – Day 20

Initially I thought I would wear my dragon onesie today to spite the cold weather and to be a bit goofy. But when I got dressed I felt that it might be better to wear something a little more professional, I was going to have a team meeting this morning anyway and while I know my coworkers wouldn’t have minded my baby blue fantasy outfit, I thought it might be best to wear some other time. So flannel and a cardigan it was. I got tired of smiling at the camera (I mean, not so much “tired” but more like, “I’ve smiled in every picture so far, I’m bored of that, let’s do something else”) so perhaps it’s time for me to practice my funny faces. I’m also not sure tucking my shirt into my pants was the best idea but now is the time to try things, right? So no regrets.

My team meeting was quite lovely, it turns out, and I genuinely enjoyed our hour of asking work questions and checking in on one another. So grateful my manager set that up for us.

My company sends out a weekly email and has started including pictures that people send in so I thought I should send one in eventually and took a few pictures of me and my new “coworker” today to see how they turned out. Look who i caught sleeping on the job!

Elisabeth and I made ourselves some energy bites this evening to snack on throughout the next week. I really like that this time at home allows me to cook and bake more. I can’t go out and have new experiences or see my friends and family and that sucks but it does mean I have time to make beloved recipes and try out new ones.

I spoke with my parents this evening as well. It’s good to hear their voices and catch up a bit, although neither of our lives have that much going on right now. I feel like this is a good time for me to memorize some jokes and start trying to crack people up. We could all use a laugh, right? What I found interesting after our conversation is that we talked about toilet paper. It’s not a strange topic of conversation now, but it definitely wouldn’t have been the norm before the corona virus. And the thing is, it’s not just my parents that I talk about toilet paper with. I’ve spoken with my coworkers about it! Who knew the human race would talk about toilet paper as much as we do now. I don’t know if it means anything, but I still find it interesting.

Also, this is day 20 of me being in isolation. Holy moly, it doesn’t feel that long at all. Time passes regardless if I want it to or not. I know that, and yet it still scares me. I want it to go slower! (I mean, I do want this corona virus thing to be over with but at the same time, I don’t want to get older!) I remember telling myself and saying on here, if I can get through one week, I can get through another. And here I am finishing up week 3 and I’m not as stressed or anxious as I was that first week. Humans are resilient creatures and I’m very proud of myself and my progress in life.

My happy moments for today are Samuel L Jackson reading a book and people recreating paintings at home. I think I might have to try the painting trend this weekend, gotta figure out what painting to replicate!

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