4-3-20 Day 21

I’m realizing it’s hard to think up funny poses, or even interesting poses, now that I’m trying to do such a thing. Today’s look was supposed to convey “You’re looking great!” with a finger point and a wink. Did I successfully convey that in this picture? I’m not sure, perhaps I’ll have to try again next week. Also, it’s hard to wink and take a picture at the same time. A wink in itself is supposed to be quick and I think snapping a picture takes just a milisecond or two longer than a wink should take. This isolation is stretching my mind and creativity, I kind of like it.

Today was a good day. I had a one on one with my manager in the morning that went well and had a video hangout time with some of my coworkers in the afternoon. I’m making it a weekly thing where we chat with one another every Friday. Have I said that already in this blog? I swear, I can’t remember some of the things I say or write. Are the days too similar for me to distinguish between them?

After work I video chatted with my cousin, Colleen, who is almost done with her freshman year in college. She has just a month left. I loved listening to her stories about college and her thoughts on her dorm, roommate, friends, classes. It reminded me of my college days and I wondered how I would have felt during this time if I was 18 versus 31. I enjoyed talking with her so much that we’re going to make it more of a normal thing.

Elisabeth and I ordered dinner from a restaurant again this evening and while we ate we watched the new Disney movie, Onward, as it’s currently streaming on Disney Plus. I love how Disney made a movie that is basically about Dungeons and Dragons. The movie was decent, worth a watch once, and now who knows what the rest of the evening will bring me.

My happy moment for today is a progression drawing that really impressed me.

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