4-4-20 Day 22

My morning started by baking chocolate chip muffins for breakfast (another reddit recipe). While I didn’t love how they tasted when they first came out of the oven, I thought they were missing some kind of flavor, after cooling down, I discovered I quite like these little treats and would make them again. They were so easy to make too! Tomorrow I intend on making cinnamon rolls, which are delicious, but take way more time than these muffins did.

I did some cleaning around the apartment which felt really good and made me feel even better when I looked at our space afterward and everything was light and spotless. What a lovely feeling it is to stand in the middle of your home and see everything picked up.

Then, Elisabeth taught me some more ukulele. Did I mention that she’s teaching me now? Today was our second session, so I’m confident when I say I’m a pro. 😉 Okay, so that’s not actually true, but I have made progress and that in itself makes me feel proud. Also, I just enjoy playing the ukulele. I’m currently learning the song Toss a Coin to Your Witcher, from The Witcher Netflix tv show I liked so much. It’s pretty grand.

Today really has been a lovely day, to be honest. I cross stitched, made more tofu “egg salad, started the broccolini seeds that my dad gave me, and video chatted with Brittany for a bit (I got to see her new house plants!). I washed the rocks in my rock trays for my house plants and went on a walk with Elisabeth where we wandered around the richer part of our neighborhood and gawked at all the giant, unique houses (there are a lot of them, it’s impressive and fun). Now I’m sitting outside on my balcony as the wonderfully warm sun hits my face and I feel at peace. I feel good.

I actually feel really good and really positive and I’m loving life again. Staying at home isn’t as horrible as I thought it would be. I get to move slower. Moving slower is not something I wanted to do but perhaps it’s something I needed to do. Why is it that traumatic events and sad happenings lead to my personal growth? I’d much prefer to grow during the positive times. And I do, of course, but I think more growth might happen during the less ideal times. I guess that’s not too terrible, though, is it? Because it means that positivity occurs even the dark.

Life is good. And that is my happy moment for today.

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