4-8-20 Day 23

This morning I made cinnamon rolls for breakfast. Same recipe as last time but I added some brown sugar to the filling instead of just white sugar. It turned out okay but I think I prefer the white sugar so next time I’ll still do a mix but have more white to brown. I like baking something for breakfast every weekend. What will next weekend bring? Maybe scones, haven’t made those since Elisabeth’s tea party in the distant past. I realize now that her tea party was the last pre-isolation weekend we had. Wow.

While the cinnamon roll dough was proofing, Elisabeth and I did yoga and it was lovely. I now think another weekend tradition I’ll have is Sunday morning yoga. I also took care of my plants this morning, going as far as wiping down leaves. I haven’t done that in months and supposedly it’s good for the plants to have it done every so often. With it officially spring now, I even gave my plants some fertilizer so I’m hoping they’ll start growing like crazy.

Elisabeth and I went on our daily walk in the afternoon where we wandered around another neighborhood nearby and looked at all the unique houses in that area. As Elisabeth said, looking at houses is our new scenery. Since we aren’t supposed to drive anywhere to go on a walk, this is basically our mountains. I’m okay with that. On our way back to the apartments, one of my old coworkers from Denver Public Schools called my name. I knew she lived nearby but I didn’t know where, turns out she lives in a house that we have passed multiple times! She was sitting on her porch, talking on the phone. We said a quick hello and I promised to walk by her house again sometime so we could visit.

I painted after that, making progress on my polka dot plant piece. I changed the bottom from purple to a peachy color. Looking at it now I’m thinking it might be a bit darker than I want so more progress will be made another day. Painting is a practice in patience, which is something I need practice in so I’m glad I enjoy doing it. I also painted a rock to show off at my work’s social hour on Tuesday. My coworker asked all of us to paint a rock with an encouraging word and put it in a place where others could see. I didn’t think the rock I chose was big enough for a very large word so I chose “love”. It’s a good word, anyway. I’m not sure I love my white paint base but I’ll probably keep it as is because I’m not hanging it on my wall or anything like that.

Elisabeth and I made palak tofu for our dinner this evening and I am so happy that I bought myself a blender because holy moly it made the dish. We had made palak tofu previously, without a blender, and let me tell you how much better the dish is when a blender is involved. It’s significantly better. 😀 We ate outside on our balcony and I thought about how privileged my life is that even during this isolation I can eat a delicious dinner outside.

Then we came in and I practiced some more ukulele and made myself a mask as we are now required to wear one when going to the grocery store. Goodbye slacks I never wore hello gorgeous me! I promise I’m smiling behind that dark brown covering. I think I might cross stitching something on it, make it a little more interesting and colorful. You know I have to have color in almost everything I do!

Today’s happy moments are this encouraging comic and construction workers dancing.

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