4-6-20 Day 24

Oh my gosh, it was warm today. Like warm warm, warm enough for me to not actually wear my black cardigan for most of the day (and when I FINALLY took a picture of me wearing all my layers!). I even worked outside for an hour and a half in only a tank top and my skirt.

I video chatted with Katie for a hot minute after work and then Elisabeth and I made a new dish for dinner – sweet and sour chickpeas over rice. It’s a favorite dish of Brittany’s. I am not a fan of sweet and sour dishes, gonna be honest, so I was hesitant to make this. I actually did not add this recipe to my recipe database when Brittany first shared it with me and it wasn’t until she shared it with Elisabeth that the dish was added to our schedule. I’m also not a big fan of garbanzo beans so this meal had two marks against it for me. But I figured life is short and I pride myself on trying new things so why not give it a go. It wasn’t bad. I could eat this meal once or twice a year (again, don’t love sweet and sour dishes). Elisabeth liked it though and Brittany loves it so if you like sweet and sour dishes have at it. It’s really easy to make and relatively quick too.

Yet again, Elisabeth and I ate outside because holy hell it was a lovely day and we gotta get that vitamin D as often as we can. Being outside makes me feel so happy and at peace.

After dinner, we hopped on Google hangouts with Brittany, I subscribed to Boardgame Arena, and we played a game of Hanabi. If anyone wants to play some board games with me in the future, let me know. With my subscription we can play so many games and it’s fun and fairly easy. Lydia, I’m looking at you! So we played Hanabi and we did really well and I enjoyed myself so much. I think we’ll play more games with Brittany tomorrow because I liked it that much. They have most of my favorites – Sushi Go, Love Letter, and Hanabi.

My happy moments for today are John Krasinski’s second episode of Some Good News, his new youtube show. His first episode is also good but the second one has a special place in my heart. Be prepared to cry from the happiness that people create for others. And my other happy moment is this video of penguins getting weighed. ❤

One thought on “4-6-20 Day 24

  1. Oh my goodness! Between you and the penguins, sweetness overload! I love your daily blogs. Thank you so much for doing them.

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