4-8-20 Day 26

Yesterday’s outfit of the day photo is me pretending to be a t-rex….cause I’m wearing my dinosaur dress..you all see it, right. Right? 😉 If I were a t-rex I would definitely be one of those goofy ones that just ran around all the time shouting “rawr” and not doing too much else. I imagine I wouldn’t have survived very long. I’m also realizing I should clean my mirror, it’s looking a little dirty now that the sun shines through every morning.

Yep, these are the things I think about during isolation. Love it.

I finally remembered to soak my mushroom growing kit two nights ago so let the growing begin. My dad gave me a mushroom kit and a broccolini kit back when we could still hang out with people (in the so long ago) and I started the broccolini a few days ago but kept forgetting about the mushrooms. There are sprouts now popping up for the broccolini, it’s pretty fun to watch.

I video chatted with my coworkers yesterday and showed off the rock I painted. The organizer is the only other one who painted a rock, so that was a bit disappointing. Come on, people! What else do you have going on?! Still, as always, it was good to see faces and hear voices. I so enjoy how everyone’s children like coming into the video and saying hello. It warms my heart.

Ate outside again last evening because I feel I should do that as often as I can. I got to video chat with Kevin, Ollie, and Emmie for a few minutes as well which was a lovely surprise. I then video chatted with Brittany for a while.

I took today off from work so I could relax. I am so glad I did. Elisabeth and I went to Costco in the morning and then I spent two and a half hours outside at the park reading, writing, and doing a bit of cross stitching. It was absolutely wonderful and fantastic for my being. I think I might take a day off every three weeks for as long as this isolation continues. Now I’m about to go chat with my Meetup friends for a couple of hours. It’s a good day.

One thought on “4-8-20 Day 26

  1. Your outfits are so cute! How nice to relax outside, both at home and the park. We’ve been doing lots of walks, including a hike yesterday. The weather has been delightful ~

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