4-12-20 Day 30

This weekend’s homemade breakfast was scones. We haven’t been able to find self rising flour this past month so I made my own, which, for the most part, was successful. The scones rose quite beautifully but they weren’t as sweet as I wanted them. I don’t know if that was caused by my flour mixture or if I didn’t add enough white sugar, or maybe I added too much extra salt. Baking can be complicated! Guess I’m still tweaking the recipe and will have to make some again sometime soon. Oh darn.

I went through one of my two closets this morning where I examined each piece of clothing for loose threads (and quickly snipped those suckers off) and used a lint roller on all the stray Pippin hairs and sweater fuzz that had begun to live on my clothes. Brittany had done this with her clothes a few weeks ago and I was inspired. Next weekend I’ll do the same thing with my dress and skirt closet and perhaps the next weekend I’ll iron all the wrinkled items.

I continued to work on my beetle cross stitch and am so close to finishing. I thought I would be able to finish today, and I worked on it for a few hours, but I’m not quite there. Cross stitching always takes longer than I think it should, I would have thought I would have adjusted my assumptions on how long projects would take based off of previous ones, but that does not seem to be occurring. I think that means I need to cross stitch more, have a bigger sample size? I hope I can finish by Wednesday because at my weekly meetup hangout, we’re supposed to show off something we’ve made that we’re proud of, and I’d love to show this cross stitch! Heck, I’ll show it to them regardless if I’ve finished it or not.

While I was cross stitching this afternoon, Kevin messaged me and my parents asking if we wanted to join an impromptu painting session. Um, yes please? Any time! So I hopped on the computer and grabbed my paint supplies and started a new piece of a butterfly. I figured I wanted to have a painting that I could put next to my beetle cross stitches and thought a butterfly was a great idea because it would go along with my “fake insect collection” that I’m envisioning. I’m not sure I’ll put this current butterfly piece up, I think I might do a more abstract piece later to go with my cross stitches, we’ll see, but I’m still very very proud of what I painted today. Like, I am so pleased with how it’s looking I amazed myself.

After we painted for a bit, Kaitlin and Kevin surprised us by bringing out Emmie’s and Ollie’s Easter baskets so we could watch them open everything. Their actions were so incredibly thoughtful that I tear up now thinking about it. Turns out I really miss my family and not getting to see them in person affects me more than I realized. I love them all so much and it’s a strain not getting to visit them. There’s only so much time I’m going to be able to handle before I decide to break the stay at home ruling, so I hope Colorado is able to loosen its restrictions in May.

So, with that said, it was a wonderful treat to watch my family celebrate Easter. I felt such love for them and enjoyed seeing their happy faces and dancing bodies. The fun didn’t end there though, Kaitlin had hidden Easter eggs while we were visiting, unbeknownst to me and the kids, and so we watched them go on an Easter egg hunt in their living room after they were done with their baskets. It’s hard to tell from a computer screen but I swear that Ollie is taller than when I saw him over a month ago. He’s also saying animal sounds now in a very loud and confident voice and it made me smile every time he did it. I am so grateful that Kevin and Kaitlin shared their Easter afternoon with me.

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