4-13-20 Day 31

Elisabeth tells me today’s 15 degree temperature has set a new low record in Denver’s history. Ouch. But since I didn’t go on a walk yesterday, I had to go out today. My mental health just can’t skip more than one walk in a row. So out I went and it wasn’t actually that bad, multiple layers (both my nails and my glasses matched my outfit today!) and walking quickly really keeps the body warm. Plus, it was snowing in giant clumps and I enjoyed watching it and catching snow on my gloves where I promptly looked for the tiniest snowflakes I could find. The snowflakes weren’t the best I’ve seen, but there were some decent ones that made me smile.

After my walk I stopped at the apartment office to pick up two packages: pens I had ordered from Amazon and cleaning supplies my dad kindly mailed to me. Yay and yay! Turns out I am pickier about pens ever since an previous manager introduced me to decent ones. I have been using a regular pen for the past couple days when I journal and it made my heart a little sad. But I’m back in the game, baby!

I’m also so happy that my dad sent me some cleaning concentrate and Lysol spray. Cleaning supplies are mia in grocery stores these days so I am very appreciate my dad had some extra supplies he could send my way. I am not a germophobe and so I don’t stock up on Lysol but I think after this I’m going to.

Tonight, Elisabeth and I ate our broccolini with our baked potatoes and it was a great addition. Thanks Dad for giving us the growing kit! Our mushrooms are still growing and have longer to go before they’re ready. I will try to remember to take a picture of them in the next day or two.

I end this evening with this I Dreamed a Dream…Corona version song from a 16 year old with a very impressive voice. Worth a watch.

2 thoughts on “4-13-20 Day 31

  1. Your blogs bring me such joy! I love your ponderings, and reportings of daily life. And lately there are bonuses – pictures of you and happy videos. Thank you sweet Lauren.

  2. it’s so nice to read how people in another part of the world is dealing with the pandemic issue. hope you are staying safe and healthy! 😀

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