4-14-20 Day 32

Today was another good work day for me. I even took the time to work on my cord management so my work space looks a bit cleaner. I decided I need to make my work space a little brighter because my desk at the office has lots of lovely art and my desk at home has basically none. So I’ll be thinking about that for the next few days and see what I come up with.

Today you get a different angle of me for my outfit of the day photo as the lighting in my regular position was doing horrid things to my thinning hair and I just couldn’t have that. I look a lot nicer, as I believe we all do, when the sun is facing me, instead of behind me.

Anyway, today I received the Squirrel Girl comics I had ordered a couple of weeks ago. Oh hell yes! I now have five of the twelve volumes that exist (and will ever exist in this run). Have I become a collector of comics? Eh, to a small extent I think. I even got the twelfth volume, the only one I haven’t read, which means whenever I get the courage to read it, I will finish the series. I know it will be a sad and bittersweet day and so it won’t be happening tonight, that’s for sure. Still, I felt so excited to get these volumes so I can have a bit of Squirrel Girl with me at all times.

Let’s eat nuts and kick butts!

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