4-16-20 Day 34

Tuesday evening, Elisabeth and I “hung out” with my family for an hour. We all did our own thing while visiting and just being around each other. It was, of course, very lovely. Kaitlin has picked up water color painting and from what I could see in the tiny screen of my laptop, she’s a natural. She’s painting adorable portraits of her family and I hope that one day I can see the pieces in person. Elisabeth and I cross stitched and I am happy to say that I finally finished my beetle cross stitch! I’m pleased with it and am excited that I only have one more beetle to go before my “collection” is complete. Cross stitching these beetles has been quite enjoyable because of the many colors involved.

Yesterday I “hung out” with my meetup friends, it was a smaller group this time which was nice in that there weren’t as many of us accidentally talking over one another. We had a lengthy conversation about what superpower we WOULDN’T want and if we had the choice to go back in time and relive our life but with our current knowledge, would we. That was some good discussion right there. Based on recommendations, “eat at Hong Kong Cafe” and “go to Alternation with Brittany” have now been added to my list of things I want to do when life is a little more normal.

Last night I found a new place to hold my electric toothbrush head. I found it so funny at the time and giggled by myself in that “I’m tired” sort of way. What can I say, I enjoyed myself and that’s all that matters to me right now. I was thinking this morning that maybe I should get myself an actual toothbrush holder. But it would have to go along with my dinosaur theme and color scheme and I’m not sure how easy that would be. Maybe I could paint a basic holder. I’ll have to figure it out.

Today was a stay inside day. Thanks, snow. That didn’t mean the day was a total bust, however. I had a meeting with my coworker, Mario, and our manager, and after asking all our questions and learning some new stuff, we visited for 5 minutes and that was pleasant and nice. Those small moments where we can goof around and laugh are important to me and I cherish them these days. I made guacamole for snacking and Elisabeth basically made dinner tonight which I appreciated. Lentil tacos, baby!

But the highlight of my day was video chatting with Lydia. She showed me around her yard and all the progress she’s made with her vegetable garden and flower beds. The sun was still fairly high in the sky and the pansies were blooming beautifully and I felt the pull of summer and the farmhouse. I’m really excited because Lydia somehow found huckleberry bushes and got three of them! Those elusive berries may soon be hers.

It was wonderful talking with Lydia. We discussed plants, plans for when life is a little more normal, and are going to play some online board games in the near future. Seeing and talking with her was so enjoyable and relaxing. It made a cold and dreary day bright and warm. So glad we chatted, Lydia!

One thought on “4-16-20 Day 34

  1. LOVE the beetle! WOW! Turned out beautiful and vibrant. So glad Lydia is still such a part of your life.

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