4-19-20 – Day 37

Friday after work, Elisabeth and I drove to Fire on the Mountain restaurant and picked up our dinner. It was the first time I had driven in weeks and it felt really good, surprisingly. There were way more people on the highway than I thought should have been out and that was frustrating. But, I will try my best to assume positive intention, perhaps these people were going to work or also picking up dinner. It was still less traffic than there normally would be on a Friday evening and for that I was grateful.

So we got our fried cauliflower wings and tater tots and drove back home listening to music and dancing in the car. We turned on a movie and ate our delicious food and I felt so relaxed. I know covid is going to be around for a while but I feel like I saw the end of the tunnel on Friday night. We’ll see what Governor Polis says tomorrow about extending the stay at home order.

Yesterday, Elisabeth and I treated ourselves to some mochi donuts and mochi muffins from Third Culture Bakery. While they weren’t vegan, I decided to make an exception because Elisabeth had been wanting to try this place for at least a year and they’re something I’ve never tried before. The basic muffin and the ube muffin were my favorites. And whatever that pink donut in the upper right corner of the photo is. Also good. I’m going to try my best not to get them again since they aren’t vegan but I’m glad I tried them once and sometimes it’s worth it to eat some baked egg and milk. Sorry, chickens.

I went on a walk and video chatted with Brittany for a while before making a new brussel sprout dish – brussel sprouts with pear and pistachios. It was good, and looked really fancy. We’ll make it again for sure.

This morning I dressed up in my t-rex blow up costume and had Elisabeth take some pictures of me so I can send them to work to be included in our weekly newsletter. I thought it would add some fun to everyone working at home. We’ll see if the communications team puts them in or not! At the very least I can intersperse the pictures in any blog post that needs a good picture, cause everyone could benefit from seeing a t-rex by a computer, right? 😉

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