4-21-20 Day 39

Sunday evening, Elisabeth and I made a new meal – polenta bake with spinach and mushrooms. I found the recipe in one of the vegan cookbooks that Elisabeth had checked out for me before covid happened. I remember trying polenta for the first time in college when my favorite Spanish professor treated me to lunch. I really liked it but had only made it once or twice. I get Trader Joe’s frozen polenta fairly often because that’s easy and tasty, but making it myself, no, only rarely. So I tried again on Sunday and it turned out okay. I’m not sure I love the meal but I am proud for trying something new.

While our polenta was baking, Elisabeth made us our very own Disneyland Dole Whips! Oh my gosh, I think they may have been better than Disneyland’s version and I will be requesting she make them again sometime. It was so amazingly perfect and delicious. We sat outside and enjoyed the late afternoon.

Yesterday we got a package from Elisabeth’s mom which included our masks! I now feel like I’ll be way more fashionable whenever I go out. If I ever go out again… They’re definitely more comfortable than the mask I made for myself the other day. Plus, one of my rubberbands snapped off my homemade mask so it’s unusable right now anyway.

Today I video chatted with my coworkers for social hour where I showed off Pippin and then I stayed late at work for my monthly committee meeting. That means I get off work early on Friday. Yay!

I chatted with my meetup friends this evening for a bit and am now going to read. ❤

2 thoughts on “4-21-20 Day 39

  1. Dole Whip is an ice cream/pineapple dessert that Disney makes with Dole pineapple. I’ll have to ask Elisabeth to share the recipe with me. She made ours with vegan coconut vanilla ice cream, frozen pineapple, and pineapple juice I believe. Oh boy was it wonderful!

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