4-22-20 Day 40

Elisabeth and I walked at the park for our lunchtime walk today. We have been avoiding the park because of how many people are normally there but it called to us today. What can I say, I know grass is a total waste of water but there’s something about a lawn of green grass that I still enjoy. While there weren’t a lot of people at the park, there were enough that we ended up walking in the grass most of the time to avoid humans. Guess we need to continue to avoid walks at the park (but not picnics!)

I got my Lunar New Year boar stamps today and they are beautiful. Seeing them in person made me smile, I felt a little pop of joy. Now I have to say goodbye to these stamps as I mail letters to my friends and family. But that’s okay, because it means you all will get to enjoy the beautiful stamps too.

In the afternoon I got surprise chat time with my family. It made me feel so happy to see them all. Emmie was adorable, as always, and I felt like I got a very small glimpse of who this little girl is going to be in a year or two. She was taking up camera space and smiling her smile. She tried joining the conversation and interrupted her parents a few times but it was sweet. I feel like she’s speaking on a higher level now too than she was last month. Her brain is growing so quickly, it’s truly fascinating to watch and interact with.

Dinner tonight was homemade gnocchi paired with a mojo verde sauce I wanted to try. It was a nice pairing and the sauce would be good with other meals too (the recipe gives ideas). The sauce has a fresh taste, most likely because of the cilantro. I never ate cilantro when I was with Gene because he has the gene that makes it taste like soap, so I avoided it and always thought I never liked it either. But I’m finding that I don’t think it has a horrible taste and that’s opening up new recipes for me. I’m proud of me and Elisabeth for trying new meals and making gnocchi again.

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