4-27-20 Day 45

On Friday I allowed myself to wear exercise leggings. I wanted something comfortable and figured I’ve been doing fairly well staying put together so I could let loose a bit this one Friday. I was comfortable, yes, but by the end of the day I changed into jeans because I felt too messy. My brain just couldn’t handle it. I’m not one of those people who can wear pajamas all day. I feel dirty whenever I try so I don’t try anymore. This probably means I won’t be wearing exercise pants or sweatpants anytime soon while I work and that’s ok. I have lots of clothes for a reason, right?

Friday afternoon, Brittany surprised me and Elisabeth with sugar cookies she had baked (picture taken by her). I had encouraged her to make turtle shaped cookies for Earth Day and she totally did! And then she drove all the way over here from Parker to give us cookies and say hello. We stood outside, more than 6 feet apart, and got to see each other’s faces in person for the first time in over a month. We had been chatting with her virtually, of course, but seeing her in person was different. It was nice. Really really nice. I’m looking forward to the day when I can visit my friends and family. I don’t need anything else, just let me see my people! I’m ready.

I continued to paint my two current art pieces on Saturday and I think my polka dot plant piece might be done. My butterfly piece needs more work on the body and the background but the wings are coming together nicely and I’m pleased. I shall encourage myself to paint more often because I enjoy it once I get started and I feel like I’m able to put something on canvas that people recognize. Like, I know this is a plant and I know this is a butterfly, and that’s cool.

I also dyed my hair dark brown on Saturday and while it turned out darker than I expected, I like it. I think I look better overall when my hair is darker. Or at least has cooler tones. I went to the park too and read for a bit as I let the sun do its magic and fill me with happiness. On Sunday I ran a comic book discussion that went really well. The discussion was in depth, expansive, and thoughtful. I was engaged and felt everyone else was too and it was lovely. It is one of my favorite discussions I’ve had in this group so far. Elisabeth and I ended the weekend with a game of Mario Kart where I got first place in every race. I think that may have been a first and I am proud of myself. I also had fun, which was the point of the endeavor and is more important than winning.

Today I wore my dinosaur dress because oh boy it’s gonna be warm (and hot) this week so it’s time for my summer outfits. Is it possible that Colorado is basically out of winter? I know we’ll have another one or two snows before June but I’m hoping the consistent warmth is here to stay. I’m sitting outside right now, barefoot, with the sun hitting my face at just the right angle as I look down at the green grass. Now if the trees could sprout their gorgeous green leaves AND I could see my friends and family, I think my life would be perfect. Or as perfect as any life could be, really.

Now it’s time to make some falafel for dinner and eat outside as the sun sets behind the beautiful Rocky Mountains. Happy Monday, all!

3 thoughts on “4-27-20 Day 45

    1. That is very possible. I don’t like feeling “unproductive” and wearing pjs may contribute to that feeling. Great point!

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