4-28-20 Day 46

The Botanic Gardens had their annual plant sale today. Last year I took the day off work, went right when they opened, and strolled the gardens looking at all the plants while my hands froze. I brought a wagon I had borrowed and filled it with plants for the yard. That’s when I bought a peony bush and a Spanish goldbroom bush, two plants I had wanted so badly. This year I took a ten minute break, got onto my computer, and bought a houseplant and a columbine. I don’t have the yard or the sun for another peony so that love will have to wait for some other time. Instead, I have one balcony that gets no direct sun and another balcony that gets afternoon sun so I’m thinking I have to get some hostas! They’re another plant I’ve wanted very badly and they can do shade (if you ever visit the Missouri Botanic Gardens they have a whole hosta garden, it’s wonderful). I’ll have to get some more columbines too, I imagine. I had planted a few at the house last year and really enjoyed them, plus, they’re native plants so how can I go wrong there?

I’ve been debating if I’ll go to Nick’s Garden Center this weekend and get some plants or not. I’m going to go sometime in the near future. I’ve been holding off for weeks and I think being surrounded by plants and maybe buying a few more could lift my spirits as I continue to not see my family and friends. I know that in an ideal world I wouldn’t go anywhere until there’s a vaccine, but I don’t think I can hold off that long.

I have started making my work area more inviting after one of my coworkers sent me a picture of her space. Her desk looks out over her backyard and it’s lovely. My desk faces away from the window so I borrowed some plants from the kitchen and set them under my monitors so I could get a bit of green myself. I also colored some flowers from one of the coloring books I have and used my dad’s nice markers and I cut them out and taped them to my monitors. I plan on coloring some more to make the space even brighter. My work announced today that we’re working from home through May and they’ll make a decision about June when we get closer. It’s a good decision and I support it so no time like the present to make my work space here more cozy.

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