5-2-20 Day 50

The past few evenings have been filled with friends and relaxation. I video chatted with my family Wednesday night and it did wonders on my mental health. Yay! I showed off my paintings and we played an online game that Kevin had found. I can’t remember the name of it but know that it’s similar to Apples to Apples but each person writes her own answer. I so enjoyed it and I now have a new swear to use thanks to Kaitlin: “son of a ship”. That was the new curse word/phrase that she came up with and I loved it. I really want to use it in real life. I wish I could remember all the funny things that came out of the game but that’s not how my brain works so suffice it to say that fun times were had and I laughed a lot.

On Thursday evening, Elisabeth and I played Hanabi with Lydia where we lost the first game due to many bad hands and we performed an “excellent” fireworks show in the second game. As always, it was great to see her and to play something together. I am so grateful that our friendship has continued even after the divorce. My life would not be the same without her in it. Next time we’re going to try her A to Z game.

Yesterday, Elisabeth and I relaxed and it was wonderful. We ate dinner and watched Schitt’s Creek (I really enjoy this show). I showered and then stood outside on the balcony with Elisabeth as a light rain misted us and the cool breeze swept away all anxieties. Who knew how amazing it feels to get out of a shower and almost immediately lean against a railing in a crisp evening. I’m sure most everyone already knew that but I didn’t and it was top notch. Then we watched more Schitt’s Creek because I really like the show. It was the exact evening I needed.

This morning, Elisabeth made us homemade blueberry muffins, I colored, and then we video chatted with two of our friends. I went to H Mart after that to pick up the remaining ingredients we need for the rest of the week’s meals. I decided not to go to Nick’s Garden Center. I figured I didn’t really need any new plants and maybe I could spruce up my balcony a bit first before figuring out specifically what plants I want. So instead, when I came home from the grocery store, I potted my polka dot plant propagations into the lovely owl planters that Katie and Mitchell bought me back when I first separated from Gene. I never got around to planting the herbs that they also gave me, but I figured it’s high time I use these planters, they are adorable and deserve to be seen. I think the polka dot plants look perfect in them.

I also hung out (virtually) with Kaitlin, Kevin, Emmie, and Ollie today which made me feel so happy. Kevin had shared pictures with me yesterday of Emmie coloring me chalk rainbows and it made me feel so loved. I wanted to be able to tell her over video how much it meant to me so they set up time so I could see them all. What a great family I have, right? I loved seeing them all so much. I then started painting a bunny rabbit to give to Emily. Kaitlin had asked her what I could paint for her and she said a bunny. Anything for you, Emmie!

So my Saturday has turned out to be quite pleasant and I imagine the evening will lend itself to much of the same as well. Love to you all! ❤

2 thoughts on “5-2-20 Day 50

  1. What an eclectic, happy blog – full of creativity, family, friends, relaxing, nature, laughter, games, food and love! Doesn’t get much better. Son of a ship, I miss you!!

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