5-3-20 Day 51

Last night I was in the baking mood so I made snickerdoodle cookies. They did not turn out soft and puffy like the recipe said but the taste was delicious and the recipe is promising. It was also just fun to make them and to be happy throughout the process. Elisabeth and I danced to a youtube video as we let our cookies cool so I’d call that a win.

This morning, Elisabeth and I biked to my work! I figured now is the time for me to see if it’s feasible for once we’re allowed to go back to work. We bought a bike tire pump a couple of weeks ago and I finally got up the courage to give biking a go. There’s something about getting going that usually stops me from riding my bike. I’m hoping to break out of that habit. Once things are more normal I’d like to take a bike maintenance class, I think knowing how to care for my bike would help my confidence. The ride overall was great. It takes half the time to get to my current job than it did to get to DPS, so that’s awesome (30 minutes versus an hour). I’m also on less busy roads so I feel a lot safer. I think it might actually be feasible. There are more inclines than I want and they only proved to me how I’m still not in as good shape as I want to be but that can be an incentive to ride. Perhaps I could even convince myself that riding is cardio and that way I could continue to avoid jogging. Hehe.

After the trip, Elisabeth made us some more Dole Whips to celebrate our successful mini adventure. We sat outside and sipped away. I took care of my plants and gushed about how awesome and beautiful the majority of them are looking. Now that it’s spring, it’s time for me to start thinking about transplanting some of my plant babies into bigger pots. This is the first year I’ve had to really consider that and it’s exciting and intimidating. One step at a time, yes? I rearranged some of my plants thanks to my new owl additions and am loving the set up.

Lunch and a bit of computer time later and then I headed back outside to relax at the park for a little over an hour. The day has been so pleasant that I could not stay away. I hope everyone is getting outside every single day for at least 30 minutes because it is so good for mental and physical health and seeing the natural light helps you sleep better (and we all need good sleep during these stressful times). I finished reading a book about plants while I was there and the book reiterated my belief about how good plants and nature are for humans. The author also made me want to buy more plants. Okay, so maybe I’ll go to Nick’s Garden Center next weekend! We’ll see. It’s always okay for me to wait longer.

I painted while I was at the park, attempting to recreate a copse of trees that lay before me. The painting did not turn out remotely how I envisioned and I don’t like it. But I’m not disappointed and I don’t think my time was wasted. I created and I enjoyed and that’s all that matters to me.

I hope everyone’s weekends were as decent as mine. The rest of the day shall be comprised of making and eating tofu bahn mi and probably watching some more Schitt’s Creek. Maybe starting my last beetle cross stitch? The apartment is my world and my world is my oyster so let’s see where that gets me!

One thought on “5-3-20 Day 51

  1. I love that your apartment is such a nurturing place that reflects both you and Elizabeth. It is your sheltering oasis.

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