5-4-20 Day 52

I enjoyed my tofu bahn mi yesterday evening. I mention it because I could only find firm tofu at the store the other day and we’ve only ever made this dish with extra firm tofu before, so I was a little hesitant. Turns out that the firm tofu, while harder to cook, was really good, maybe even better than the extra firm tofu. Gasp! We also got really good bread and our pickled vegetables were crisp so the meal was perfect. This meal is one of our winners and I highly recommend everyone make it at least once. Here’s the original recipe.

Last night, Kaitlin randomly asked me and my parents if we wanted to do a quick game of Quiplash, the game we had played a few days ago (I remembered the name this time!). I said yes because I love seeing Kaitlin and Kevin and what a fantastic way to end my weekend. My parents ended up getting on too and we visited for a bit and played a round of the game. I’m really happy we did that, seeing my family lifts my mood every single time.

Today I wore the necklace Emmie made for me as well as our matching socks. When I video chatted with her this past Saturday, Kaitlin lifted up Emmie’s feet and showed me she was wearing her pair of socks! Turns out she had worn them four days straight. Oh that girl, I hope she loves me her whole life as much as she does now but I’ll take her in any form she shows up in. Kaitlin then told me that Emmie had thought I had trashed my pair of socks. Um, what?! Of course I wouldn’t trash them! So I decided I needed to wear them this week and what better day than today?

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