5-7-20 Day 55

What happened today? I always try to celebrate the little moments, especially now, but sometimes it’s hard to come up with stuff. Not today though I don’t think. Today I felt cute in my jean dress, cat tights, and converse. Cat tights for the win. I’m still working on wearing clothes that I feel good and beautiful in. It happens more often than not but there are some items of clothing I’m just not sure about.

On our lunchtime walk today, Elisabeth and I found a lilac bush right along the sidewalk! So of course we stopped and she smelled those lovely blooms and got that happy mood boost. That was awesome and great, but a minute later, as we were gushing over the new irises we had just spotted, Elisabeth fell and most likely sprained her ankle. That was a surprise neither of us wanted. She was very brave and we walked back to the apartment and she has begun the healing process but it did put a damper in her day.

On my afternoon break I picked up the Costco order that Elisabeth and I had placed and was delivered (snacks for days!). I mention it because it was a giant box and weighed 33 pounds according to UPS. I mean, this is the biggest box I have ever carried and I am very proud of myself. It was hard, not gonna lie, all my weight lifting has increased my muscles but not nearly enough to make lifting an over-sized, 33 pound box easy. So it took me some time but I did it! I also checked the mail and guess what I got?! I got a card from Lydia! Oh my gosh, I’m pretty sure I did a little cheer in front of the mailboxes. Now that was a surprise I wanted but didn’t know I wanted. I get a postcard from Martha yesterday and then a card from Lydia today?! I feel so incredibly loved and lucky.

After work I drove to the Botanic Gardens and picked up the two plants I ordered last week! It was weird driving into their parking lot and being one of three cars there. Normally that parking lot is packed. It was also weird knowing I wouldn’t be able to go into the gardens. I’m loving my calathea (pictured here) but some of the leaves are torn up, like a bug got into them. I’m bummed about that but will do my best to nurse the plant back to its optimal health. My columbine is small but mighty and I’m excited to see it’s growth over the years!

Yep, turns out I did have a decent amount to write about, but that’s what I do. I’m a writer!

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