Monday after work, Elisabeth and I drove to Tagawa Gardens’ parking lot to meet Brittany so she could show me the art piece I had commissioned from her. I had seen a rough sketch of the piece but not the finished, colored product. Upon seeing the completed portrait, I was astounded. Amazed. Shocked. She drew me in such a beautiful way. I think it turned out better than I envisioned. I had asked her to draw me as a nature goddess, similar in style to the Wicked and Divine comic book covers. She 200% nailed it.

Isn’t that breathtaking?! Needless to say, I jumped up and down with excitement and pleasure when I saw it. And I cried a little. And I cheered and kept looking at it. I’m in love with it. She put the piece up in her Society 6 shop if anyone wants to have a portrait of me as a goddess in their home. I wouldn’t blame you. ;P

I keep looking at the artwork and smiling and saying, “Oh my gosh!” because I’m enjoying it so much. I plan on getting it printed for myself. Not sure where I’ll hang it up quite yet but not to worry, I’m confident I’ll find space in my apartment.

For dinner, Elisabeth and I made our own charcuterie plates which was fun and an artistic expression of our own. So that was my Monday!

Yesterday I video chatted with my meetup friends where we talked about what four food ingredients represtend us if we were a Chopped basket. You know, Chopped the tv show? They get four mystery ingredients and have to make a dish using those ingredients. I chose tofu, flour, dilly beans, and a chocolate chip cookie. It was quite fun.

Today I went to the post office and the grocery store. That meant I got to wear the mask Kaitlin made for me! I felt so fancy. I’m pleased to say that everyone in the post office wore masks and most everyone at the store did too. I went in to get my prescription and a couple other things and then I waited in my car for an hour for grocery pick up. I definitely didn’t intend to wait for an hour and that, turns out, made me feel a bit stressed even though I thought I was handling it. But I’m feeling better now (a couple episodes of Schitt’s Creek helped) and the evening will end well. We’ve made it through hump day!

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