I surprised Kaitlin at her home on Thursday. She does so much and is so thoughtful and loving to others that I wanted to do something nice for her. I also wanted to see her because I love her so it wasn’t 100% selfless but I’ll take what I can get. Showing people that I care about them does not come naturally to me, like it does for Kaitlin. I forget birthdays, I don’t buy random gifts, I don’t call to say hello. I’ve gotten better since I separated from Gene and learned how to express my feelings more, but it’s still difficult sometimes. But difficult doesn’t mean impossible or not worth a try. So I try! I had communicated with Kevin beforehand to make sure it was a good idea and got the go ahead from him so after work I drove over and surprised her! She had no clue and it was great. I made dinner with Kevin’s help and we sat around for a bit and visited. It was lovely. I am truly privileged to have the family I have.

On Friday, Elisabeth and I got pizza from City, O’ City, a vegetarian/vegan restaurant near downtown. I ate there years ago and did not have a good experience so I was very judgy with trying them again. I am happy to report that their pizza is delicious (if not a bit spicy but I’ll give them that, my tolerance is basically zero these days). Cashew ricotta “cheese” is what really made it and now I’m thinking maybe I should have made dinner before I write this because my mouth is watering thinking about it. Point is, the restaurant changed my opinion of them and that was a pleasant moment. I’m glad I gave them another shot.

Today I visited Kaitlin and the fam again as my parents were over there too. My dad, Kaitlin, and I went to Jared’s Nursery so Kaitlin could look for peonies and roses. And so I could look for plants too, who am I kidding? I had just started solidifying my own plant plans since I intend to go to Nick’s Garden Center tomorrow so I figured I could see what Jared’s had and maybe pick up a few things. Turns out they had hostas and columbines so I snatched those up right quick and am now smiling as I look at the hostas sitting on my table. I finally have hostas! I also finally went to a plant nursery for the first time since The Weirds happened (it’s the term I use now for the new way of the world since covid. I learned it from Kumail Nanjiani and Emily Gordon’s Staying In podcast and love the term). I wore my mask the entire time and would say around 85% of the people there were also wearing masks. There were definitely more people there than I would have liked and social distancing wasn’t always an option but for the most part we stayed away from others.

I will run to Nick’s tomorrow to pick up soil and maybe some more house plants and then let the planting begin! It’s time to green up this place!

One thought on “5-16-20

  1. You are a wonderful sister, friend, and daughter. Such a delight to so many! ALL of your plants are gorgeous. Excited to see them.

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