Today has been a plant heavy day. Before breakfast I transplanted some of my house plants that needed larger homes and gave my new calathea (that I got from the Botanic Gardens) a hand me down pot of its own. The calathea is doing quite well and is opening up its leaves to show off that gorgeous pink pin stripe. I quite enjoy it. Honestly, I’ll probably be taking loads of pictures of all my plants now that spring is here, I’m fertilizing them regularly, and growth is happening at a faster rate than it did in winter. So be prepared for plant pics and a happiness boost. 😉

Later in the morning I went to Nick’s Garden Center and bought myself more house plants and some plants for the balcony. I finally got myself pothos and ferns! I’ve been wanting pothos for a while because they’re good starter house plants and they grow fairly quickly so I decided now was the time to grant that wish since they were in the budget. I’ve also been interested in ferns for some time but have heard how needy and temperamental they are in regards to moisture and humidity so that scared me away from them. But golly they’re so pretty and so varied that every time I’d go to a nursery I’d fawn over them (or should I say “fern over them”, hehehe, I’m so funny). Today I made the choice that I might as well give them a go. I’m at home all the time now so I can watch them pretty closely and baby them as needed. If they die then I still got to enjoy them and learn from them. I even got two larger ferns and put them in a hanging basket on the balcony. Gosh I’m loving all this green.

So after Nick’s I came home and worked for an hour and a half planting my new beauties. I have some pansies basking in hanging buckets on one of my balconies and they brighten the space so wonderfully. Sadly, I didn’t get quite enough soil, so I still have one pot of hostas and columbines to plant but that will happen later this week and they should be just fine in their containers for a few more days. I did a bit of rearranging of the house plants because of my new additions and I am so pleased. There’s a pothos on my bookshelf right next to my computer desk and there’s a pothos on my bedside table. My dresser has plants chilling in one corner and what a difference it makes for the space. And now, FINALLY, the shelf above my bed has plants and my llama mug is acting as a pot which is why I bought it in the first place. Each of those plants are a different kind of fern, they’re so tiny and they make me smile. It was such a mood boost to take my time and plant everything today.

I took a lunch break after planting and then took the task of watering my house plants that needed it. Fertilizer time, baby! I’m happy to report that my spider plant propagation is growing roots so in a couple weeks I’ll probably be planting that little guy. I took some more cuttings from my polka dot plant and got those cuttings in water to see if they’ll root too. While the polka dot plant is not my favorite, it is really easy to propagate and it needs to be trimmed often which means lots of propagations. Cause I’m not just gonna trash them! I’ll just keep filling in my pots and eventually start giving the things away for those that are interested.

Elisabeth and I went on a walk before dinner and then made ourselves homemade burritos baked in the oven. I made some guacamole and we sat outside on our luscious balcony. It’s been a good day and I’m looking forward to ending it in my extra green bedroom tonight.

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